Phil Hannent
This is my homepage, it's a playground for my programming.

Current I am focusing on my Masters in IT

The best productivity advice: Eat that frog.

The main problem with living on a sphere? If you don't change direction once in a while, you always wind up right back where you started.

My skill set:
Google Talk/ XMPP:
Projects and related websites: brother's business
www.pmcs.netFather's business brother's personal site
www.pixsan.comYounger brother's business site
ProtracerA simple raytracer created by a friend
Pidgin Instant MessengerPersonal favourite instant messenger
Health and Safety softwareDeveloped during my day job
VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)Developed during my day job
Lynx Interactive Whiteboard softwareDeveloped during my day job
Guest CarpetsI am hosting a friends business
Ian ParkinI am hosting a friends personal site